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The Odessa-9 is Dead Air's newest addition to their line of handgun suppressors. The Odessa-9 is fully modular, which allows the shooter to configure the suppressor to any length they desire. You can run the can in 11 different lengths, with more than half of the configurations bringing your standard 9mm ammo down to hearing safe levels. With standard ammo, the full 11 baffles will bring you down to +/-126 dB, and the short 4 baffles reduce it to just over hearing safe at +/-143 dB. The results are even more impressive with subsonic ammo, as the Odessa will keep you under 140 dB with only 4 baffles! One of the other impressive features is that the Odessa is only 1.1" in diameter, which is considerably smaller that most pistol cans (most range from 1.35" to 1.5"). The smaller diameter allows the shooter to use the factory sights on a pistol and don't have to worry about upgrading to higher iron sights or a red dot.

TAG'S Take

The Odessa breaks the mold of traditional pistol cans with the thin diameter and modular build. The modularity gives you the opportunity to find the perfect balance, length, and dB reduction that works for you and your desired use. We also love the small diameter, which is comparable to Dead Air's Mask 22 (which is pretty small!). The Odessa-9 comes with a really nice hard case which includes a 1/2x28 piston and all the tools you need to break down the suppressor. The Odessa is also compatible with both SilencerCo and Rugged pistons. Please note that the Dead Air pistons that are compatible with the Ghost-45 and Wolf-9SD do not work with the Odessa. 



Rating: 9mm

Material: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Length: 8.5"

Weight (With Piston & Spring/Without): 10.6oz/8.75oz

Diameter: 1.1"

Finish: Black Nitride

Min. Barrel Length: No restrictions!

All Dead Air products are backed by a lifetime warranty


Piston Options:

1/2 x 28


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