- We try and keep it simple. 25% non-refundable deposit, with the remaining due in 90 days. So if you make a deposit on 6/1, your balance is due on 9/1. You can make partial payments at any time or you can pay in full on the due date.

- There are no pre-payment penalties and we do not charge interest.

- To choose the payment plan, select the payment plan option when you add an item to you cart. The item price will automatically calculate to the deposit amount. 

- Within 24 hours of making a deposit, we will email you an invoice for the remaining balance, along with a due date. Keep the invoice, because this is where you will make payments at. You can make payments at any time, for any amount. All you need is your invoice link and your credit card! If you lose the invoice, just hit us up and we can resend the link. 

- For those of you out of state, we will ship your firearm(s) to your receiving FFL or file the Form 3 on your NFA item once your invoice is paid in full.