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The Sandman-S is the reduced length version of the Sandman-L suppressor. The S measures in at 6.8" and weighs 17.7 oz, and is a great fit for shooters that value decibel reduction, but prefer a shorter profile. Even with the shorter length, the Sandman-S will still provide impressive decibel reduction and will keep most of your weapons at or below the 140 dB mark.

The S features the flawless and reliable keymount QD mounting system, which means zero seizing and zero wobble. The indexed pattern on the QD mount provides consistent mounting, minimal point of impact shift, and repeatable accuracy. Like all the Sandman suppressors, the S comes with a lifetime warranty, Stellite baffles welded into a solid core, and removable front cap with built-in flash hider. The Sandman-S comes standard with a 7.62 front cap, but can be swapped for a 5.56 front cap to gain a small reduction in decibels. The removable front cap also gives the owner peace of mind should Sandman-S get dropped or abused, which means trouble free replacement in the field. 

TAG'S Take

The S is a great fit when you still want decibel reduction, but don't want to try to maneuver a 9" suppressor like the Sandman-L or Thunder Beast Ultra 9. Even with its smaller profile, the S is a great performer on all calibers, from 5.56 all the way to 300 Win Mag. Like the rest of the Sandman suppressors, the S is durable as hell, has no barrel restrictions, and is full-auto rated. While the S does great on any rifle, it is an especially great fit for short semi-auto weapons and SBR's as the baffle setup reduces back pressure and blow back, which also results in slower cycling and quieter port noise. If you are looking for similar size and performance, but want something a little lighter, check out the titanium Thunder Beast Ultra 7. The durability of the Sandman series come from the build material, which does add a little to the weight. 



Rating: Multi - Up to .300 Win Mag

Material: Stellite & Hardened Stainless Steel

Length: 6.8"

Weight: 17.7 oz

Diameter: 1.5"

Finish: Cerakote body, Nitrided Muzzle Device

Min. Barrel Length: No Restrictions!

All Dead Air products are backed by a lifetime warranty

**Sandman-S comes standard with 5/8-24 Muzzle Brake but can be swapped out for any muzzle device (brake or flash hider) with your choice of thread pitch.

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