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The Honey Badger’s stainless steel barrel features an adjustable gas block, 25° tapered muzzle, and is compatible with mil-spec AR receivers.


Standard AR/M4 Barrel Extension 

Indexed, Adjustable Gas Block

Our stainless steel Gas Block is “infinitely” adjustable utilizing stainless set screws.  One screw to increase or restrict the flow of gas to the system, and another to lock the adjustment screw in place.  The Gas Block uses an index pin to guarantee gas port alignment, and is held in place with a Gas Block Jam Nut.  This alleviates the need for set screws or damaging taper pins, leaving the barrel’s integrity intact.

Tapered Muzzle – Our 25° Tapered Muzzle provides several advantages over the traditional 90° shoulder.

  1. Improved concentricity of muzzle accessories and silencers to the axis of the barrel’s bore.
  2. Better accuracy and repeatability (point-of-impact shift) when removing and reinstalling silencers.
  3. Increased surface area, preventing accessories and silencers from coming loose without the need for adhesives and unnecessary amounts of torque.
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