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The Thunder Chicken is a 100% titanium, fully welded suppressor that will provide you with top-tier decibel reduction. The decibel reduction is impressive, considering the Thunder Chicken is only 8.13", which is close to 1" shorter than many suppressors in its class. The weight is also noteworthy, as the Thunder Chicken weighs in at only 14.7 oz., which is 6-10 oz. lighter than other competitors. It's rated from .223 all the way up to 300 Win Mag with no barrel restrictions. The Thunder Chicken will perform well on any platform and will keep any weapon hearing safe.

To get you started, Q was nice enough to give you two muzzle brakes, one in 1/2x28 and another in 5/8x24. The muzzle brakes feature Q's Quickie Fast-Attach system, which provides repeatable accuracy and minimal POI shift. Both the brake and the suppressor have standard SAE wrench flats for easy install or removal. The Thunder Chicken is PVD coated, which provides an insanely durable finish on your suppressor.


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The Thunder Chicken will be a good fit for anyone looking to achieve maximum suppression with a mid-sized suppressor, that allows for use on any platform. The biggest standout feature of the Thunder Chicken is its 1.75" diameter, which provides additional internal volume for decibel reduction. The wider diameter allows the Thunder Chicken to be much shorter than most full-size suppressors (most run 9"), but still outperforms the longer competitors in decibel reduction. The fully welded titanium build also gives it an advantage with weight, as the 14.7 oz. still makes it easy enough to maneuver. And similar to the Trash Panda, the Thunder Chicken has no barrel restrictions!

The Fast-Attach system won't disappoint, and the Cherry Bomb muzzle brakes are simple...no shims or timing, which keeps everything concentric with the bore. Only drawback on the Trash Panda is that right now you can only get the muzzle brakes in 1/2x28 and 5/8x24. If you need brakes or flash hiders that are going to work for almost any platform you can find, Dead Air and Thunder Beast can do that for you. I do expect more thread pitches to be available at some point, but they aren't offered as of today.



Rating: Multi - Up to .300 Win Mag

Material: 100% Titanium

Length: 8.13"

Weight: 14.7 oz

Diameter: 1.75"

Finish: PVD

Min. Barrel Length: No Restrictions!

All Q products are backed by a lifetime warranty

**Trash Panda comes standard with (1) 1/2x28 and (1) 5/8x24 Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brakes.

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