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Introducing the 6.9" Trash Panda by Q. A 100% titanium suppressor that uses Q's Quickie Fast-Attach system for quick mounting and removal. The Quickie Fast-Attach system utilizes a taper mount on the supplied Cherry Bomb muzzle brakes (comes with two!), which maintains your accuracy and keeps POI shift (point of impact) at a minimum. With the threads behind the taper, the threads don't get dirty or fouled, and the suppressor has a consistent, rock-solid lockup. It's rated from .223 all the way up to 300 Win Mag with no barrel restrictions.

The Trash Panda is one of the lightest suppressors available, coming in at 11.8 oz. It has a wider diameter than most suppressors at 1.75". The larger diameter makes for more internal volume, which results in reduced back pressure and higher decibel reduction. Even at its short length, the extra volume the Trash Panda has will keep all your weapons hearing safe. Lastly, the PVD coating on the Trash Panda is ridiculously durable. It won't peel off like other coatings when you get it hot and the scratch resistance is awesome!


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Q brings innovative engineering and next-gen manufacturing to the suppressor industry. The results are some badass suppressors that are built with the highest quality materials, with an end product that just flat-out performs. What we love about the Trash Panda is that it is super lightweight, compact, and most of all, comes with no barrel restrictions. It's not often you can find a suppressor this light that you can shoot on high pressure cartridges like 300 Win Mag, and not have it come with some barrel restrictions.  Its size allows for practical use across multiple platforms and will keep them all hearing safe. And the PVD coating keeps the Trash Panda looking new, even after lots of hard use. 

The Fast-Attach system works flawlessly, and the Cherry Bomb muzzle brakes are simple...no shims or timing, which keeps everything concentric with the bore. The brakes and suppressor don't require any special tools or extra products, as everything has standard SAE wrench flats on both of them for easy on, easy off. Only drawback on the Trash Panda is that right now you can only get the muzzle brakes in 1/2x28 and 5/8x24. If you need brakes or flash hiders that are going to work for almost any platform you can find, Dead Air and Thunder Beast can do that for you. I do expect more thread pitches to be available at some point, but they aren't offered as of today.



Rating: Multi - Up to .300 Win Mag

Material: 100% Titanium

Length: 6.9"

Weight: 11.8 oz

Diameter: 1.75"

Finish: PVD

Min. Barrel Length: No Restrictions!

All Q products are backed by a lifetime warranty

**Trash Panda comes standard with (1) 1/2x28 and (1) 5/8x24 Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brakes.

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